My Cat Fanny

Fanny as a kitten

At home I live with a white and black cat called Fanny. The first thing I always have to tell people is that Fanny is actually a male cat. Eh? So why is he called ‘Fanny’?

Well, when I originally went looking for a kitten, I heard that a local farmer had a litterĀ that he wanted to find homes for. I went to visit him and he came out with an armful of black and white kittens, all wriggling and squealing and looking absolutely gorgeous. I told him that I wanted a female cat and he picked Fanny up by ‘her’ little black tail, plonked ‘her’ into my outstretched hand and said ‘This one be a girl’.

My Cat Fanny
Fanny today

I immediately bonded with this creature. We looked one another in the eye and I knew instantly that this was the cat I would take home. I called her ‘Fanny’.

Fast forward three months and it was time to take Fanny to the veterinary to be neutered. He immediately picked Fanny up by ‘her’ big black tail and said ‘This one’s a male’.

So, Fanny was tom cat. It didn’t matter to either of us. He already answered to the name ‘Fanny’ and so that name stuck.

We are together still.

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