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Sarah McHarry
Sarah McHarry

My name is Sarah McHarry and I am a WordPress webmaster.

I have been a computer programmer all my working life but my secret wish has always been that ‘when I grow up, I want to be a writer.’

My book WordPress To Go came about because I wanted to show beginners  how easy it was to create their own websites. I really enjoyed writing it and, to my amazement, it became a best-seller on Amazon. So now I am privileged to be both a  programmer AND an Amazon author. And one day soon I might grow up… 😉

My book has sold thousands of copies around the world and it gives me great pleasure to believe that I helped my readers  get their own websites off the ground by doing it themselves.

Building a website was once a difficult technical task: the computer languages in use tended to be gobbledygook and the design tools were limited. So it was always assumed that this was a job for a professional rather than an amateur. And that it would be expensive.

But this all changed with WordPress. WordPress is an easy-to-use (and free!) Content Management System that lets everyone put together a website without knowing any coding language and without needing a graphic designer. If you can use a word-processor then you can use WordPress. It’s not rocket science – it’s fun and very satisfying to create your own website from scratch.

And it doesn’t cost much: a few bucks a month for web hosting and that’s all you need to spend.

I am half-British, half-Canadian and I have lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic. I now live in the West Country of England with my cat, Fanny.

My mission is to help open up the Internet by  enabling anyone to build their own website. The talented WordPress coders have made it  possible for us all  to  do this and my book is  here as a beginner’s guide.

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