WordPress To Go Example Website

Hello to all my readers!

Thank you for visiting this website which I set up to illustrate all the examples in my book WordPress To Go.

The book contains screenshots of all the stages I went through to build this site which you could follow along step by step in each of the twenty lessons.

Now the website might look a little different since you saw the screenshots in your book but I haven’t done anything that isn’t covered in the lessons. I’ve added some more content and I’ve moved stuff around a bit but everything I’ve done is explained somewhere┬áin the book.

OK, you may not want your website to look like this one. You want a different theme, your own color scheme, a different look and feel. That’s fine: as you work through the lessons┬áI explain throughout how you can create your very own website using your very own personal preferences.

Please have a good look around this website and see what can be done with WordPress.

Oh, and thank you very much for buying my book!

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